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Social Media Declaration 2019

An attempt of 16 Organisations to develop a code of conduct for Responsible Social Media use in Sri Lanka, recognizing the inviolable importance of the freedom of expression on or over social media, yet at the same time, encourage and strengthen the ethical, progressive, democratic and pro-social use of social media.
Discussion on ‘Social Media’ has come under scrutiny within the present Sri Lankan context. The resulting discourse on Freedom of Speech and Human Rights has demonstrated that there is a lack of understanding of the nuanced and complex nature of Social Media, Democracy or Freedom of Expression, especially by those in decision-making positions.
We feel, therefore, that it is necessary to create a guideline/ declaration in this regard, and that it should come from within Sri Lankan Media and Civil Society itself. Such measures, we believe, can create a progressive environment on the Sri Lankan social media sphere, to ensure beneficial experiences, devoid of harassment for all users. #srilanka #socialmedia

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